Editor-in-Chief Keiji Kawamoto
ISSN 1433-7398 (print version)
ISSN 1861-387X (electronic version)
Journal no. 10014
Publisher Springer Japan
Impact factor 0.406

Brain Tumor Pathologyは日本脳腫瘍病理学会の国際学術機関誌です。脳腫瘍、特に脳腫瘍病理に関する最新の基礎研究、臨床研究の原著、症例報告、短報、総説を掲載しています。投稿には学会員である必要はありません。インパクトファクターも獲得しました。

Brain Tumor Pathology is the official journal of the Japan Society of Brain Tumor Pathology. This international journal documents the latest research and topical debate in all clinical and experimental fields relating to brain tumors, especially brain tumor pathology. The journal has been published since 1983 and has been recognized worldwide as a unique journal of high quality. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts from any country. Membership in the society is not a prerequisite for submission. The journal publishes original articles, case reports, rapid short communications, instructional lectures, review articles, letters to the editor, and topics. The latter are papers recommended at the annual meeting of the Japan Society of Brain Tumor Pathology. All contributions should be aimed at promoting international scientific collaboration.